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SuPer ry :: Suomen lähi- ja perushoitajaliitto

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Päivitä :2011/5/4 10:18:24
Kuvaus : Suomen lähi- ja perushoitajaliitto SuPer ry. SuPer on lähihoitaja sekä perushoitaja ammattiliitto. Liiton puheenjohtaja on Juhani Palomäki.
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Contact us Feedback SitemapSuomi Svenska EnglishSuPer in BriefFill out our survey!Working as a practical nurseFinnish Union of Practical Nurses growing steadilySuPer is the largest union in Finland for those with an upper secondary level qualification in the social and health care sectors and for students of this field. The largest group within SuPer consist of members with a diploma in practical nursing. SuPer members are a homogenous group when considering their education, professional status and benefits. The union was founded in 1948 and has 76 000 members. SuPer is growing steadily.

SuPer plays an active role in the development of social and health care and the education for the sector. The union is represented in central workgroups and committees. SuPer contributes by statements, opinions and lobbying.SuPer contributes to solutions relating to incomes policy and social policy. SuPer is a member of The Finnish Confederation of Salaried Employees STTK. SuPer negotiates the employment and collective labour agreements for its members.The local branches, shop stewards in the work place, the industrial safety delegates and the representatives for the co-operational institutions look after the SuPer members’ benefits locally.

International networkSuPer is involved in international activities in many ways. The union co-operates with European Council of Practical Nurses EPN, Public Services International PSI , Finnish Public Services Union Fipsu, European Federation of Public Service Unions EPSU and other organizations. SuPer takes part in international projects which contribute to the development of the profession, the contents of the training and the mobility of practical nurses.More information about working in Finland, > In English

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